Whether the Board of Directors or a Company’s lenders have lost faith in existing management or during periods of financial and operational turnaround or other crises, there is an immediate need for seasoned professionals to serve as interim management to stabilize the operation and instill confidence and provide greater transparency. The Concours Group provides management professionals to serve as interim CEO, CFO, CRO and other key positions. Their focus is on identifying and creating solutions to our clients’ most important challenges. We provide hands-on leadership to assess the problems facing underperforming companies and deliver solutions that preserve the value of the entity and its stakeholders.

Our interim management team is comprised of industry leaders with a wide range of backgrounds and credentials including CPAs, MBAs, JDs and CIRAs. We deliver results, straightforward communication, integrity and diligence.

  • Common situations where business owners or management may fill a position with interim management include:
    • The company faces a crisis and the existing management team doesn't have the time or resources to respond effectively while continuing to run the day-to-day operations of the company.
    • The board of directors and/or equity sponsor have lost confidence in the existing management team.
    • The company's creditors will not extend credit to the company under the existing management team.
    • Family disputes over succession or management decisions have paralyzed decision-making to the point of value destruction.
    • The company is contemplating selling some or all of its business units, leading to the departure of key executives who may or may not have been of value to the sale.