The Concours Group provides bankruptcy advisory services from pre-petition planning through plan solicitation, confirmation and post-confirmation trustee services. We are focused on the efficient and effective response to bankruptcy proceedings and related litigation allowing the company to keep its focus on operating the business.

Our team includes experts in all facets of bankruptcy, including claims management and reporting requirements of Chapter 11 and Emergence Accounting.

As a company emerges from Chapter 11, we remain a valued partner and advisor working to address the many complex and residual effects of the restructuring as well as developing an action plan to keep the company from facing financial crisis in the future.

  • Some of our Services Include:
    • Pre-Bankruptcy Planning
    • Locating and Negotiating DIP Financing
    • Preparation of MOnthly Operating Reports
    • Preparation of Debtor's Schedules and Statements of Financial Affairs
    • Advising the Debtor on Internal and External Communications with Employees, Vendors, Shareholders and Lenders
    • Claims Management and Reporting
    • Analysis and Strategic Planning in Connection with Formulating the Plan of Reorganization
    • Liquidation Analysis
    • Solvency Analysis
    • Bankruptcy Litigation Support
    • Fresh Start Accounting / SOP 90-7 and Related Valuation Requirements
    • Forensic Accounting
    • Trustee / Examiner Roles